Our Clients

We are well versed in the provision of medical communication and task management solutions to our clients. Our team includes some of the first pioneers in the provision of mobile clinical communication applications who understand the importance of providing prioritised clinical care.

We have considerable experience in workforce planning particularly during the out-of-hours period, the H@N initiative and the issues that hospitals face as a result of the European Working Time Directive.

We have a dedicated team of account managers and developers who understand the requirements of secure and robust intelligent communication. Our ethos is to retain our ‘best of breed’ status in this field and to ensure that all of our clients are achieving the maximum return on their investment on us, these clients are our partners and our success is dependent upon their success.. This ethos is a tried and tested winning formula.

Our clients include:

Stepping Hill Hospital has been using iBleep since May 2010

'The data provides evidence to make significant adjustments to rota design and as a result, the Trust has streamlined delivery of care particularly during the busy periods at the weekend.

'The iBleep system was extended to include evenings and Saturday/ Sunday daytime .Since extending this system we have been able to identify that demand rises sharply at the start of the shift (5pm weekdays) as there is a considerable amount of work left as backlog from the day time.

'One of the most surprising results we have seen is we do not see this increase during the evenings of Saturday and Sunday due to the calls being generated during the daytime. Calls are being generated as the need arises and this has smoothed out these peaks and troughs, enabling patients to be seen much faster as a result.

'We have also demonstrated that the workload at night time has reduced significantly.

'We are clearly seeing improvements in clinical outcomes as a result and it is natural to think in terms of financial saving'

Christine Gidley, Assistant Director of Nursing, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Salford Royal Hospital has been using iBleep since December 2010.

Pioneers in 24/7 multi-specialty use of iBleep, Auckland DHB have been using iBleep since February 2008.

Since this time more than 500,000 calls have each been sent more than 11,000 miles without interruption.

The iBleep system is regarded as 'a way of life, doctors and nurses appreciate the increased efficiency it has brought. iBleep improves patient care as it better enables prioritisation of calls about sicker patients'

Denise Manning, Daily Operations Manager at District General Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand


Hull & East Yorkshire operate iBleep across 2 sites since April 2011 - Castle Hill Hospital & Hull Royal Infirmary.


Warrington and Halton Hospitals go live with their iBleep application in early February 2014.

'Traditional bleep systems are an outdated way of calling doctors and prioritising staff. The nurse doesn’t know if the doctor they are bleeping is currently available or is with another patient or even in the operating theatre.

'iBleep allows us to prioritise each call and make sure that the right person is allocated to the right task at the right time. The doctors also get key information on the patient before they even arrive on the ward. It will greatly help the workload of our nurses and doctors and help us to ensure that care is delivered quickly.'

Tracy Mason, matron of the acute care team. Warrington Hospital.


Wythenshawe Hospital went live with iBleep in July 2011.

'iBleep will enable us to gather intelligence for service improvement initiatives'

Bhaskar Mahendrakar, Hospital 24/7 Project Manager


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