intelligent bleeping for medical professionals


Prioritised Communication

Dynamic two-way, real-time communication using the latest mobile technologies.

Robust Task Management

strengthening the OOH team into one cohesive unit where patient care improves as a result.

Unprecedented Data Capture

a paradigm shift in medical communication and the degree of data capture is unprecedented.

Cloud Based

breaking traditions for IM&T depts, requiring no installation or support and only minimal local administration.

A New Era of Clinical Communication

iPhone running iBleep

The iBleep system is a 24hr paging solution which is particularly effective during the ‘Out of Hours’ period and during extended weekend working where there is a requirement for all calls to be filtered through a central co-ordinator.

iBleep promotes team working with secure task management; as a result, patient risk is eliminated and there is a significant reduction in work related stress and alarm fatigue, particularly for the junior doctor.

Our specialty-based call escalations and unread call alerts help to eliminate risk and ensure that a priority call can never be left unattended.

iBleep allows an organisation to implement the roles of specialist practitioners to cover blood and fluid related work and this reduces the incidence of this type of work being sent to junior doctors, leaving them with more time to spend with the patients that need them the most.

Key Features:

  • Call Locking and Lock Alerting
  • Unread Call Alerting
  • Specialty-based Prioritisation
  • Specialty-based EWS Escalation
  • Full Call Pathway History
  • Ward Handover tools/Medical Handover tools



What Trusts are Saying

“ We are clearly seeing improvements in clinical outcomes as a result ”

iBleep data assists targeted service improvement initiatives. One 800-bed NW Trust found that iBleep data highlighted that over 35% of OOH work was being left over from the day, their data allowed them to identify this and ensure that it was attended to as required and not left until the start of the OOH period.

Loved by Doctors

Everything has been prioritised for me and it's not necessary for me to call the ward at all; but if I do, I now know who to speak to - instead of..

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Trusted by Nurses

No waiting by the telephone - for the doctor to call back. iBleep gives me the confidence that the call has been read and that..

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Built for Out of Hours

It is well understood that work generated during the late afternoon is often not being completed and is being left for the OOH period.

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A Revolution in Data

iBleep provides a vast reporting function allowing for interrogation of all call activity at a microscopic level. These reports provide..

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Minimising Risk

..these factors bring important principles into the communication process - accountability and responsibility for calls that are received.

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Device Independent

One device certainly does not fit all. The iBleep screens have been developed to intuitively understand the type of device being used.

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